WiseUSA Archive

wiseUSAIn 2008 and 2012, we convened a WiseUSA series to support the emergence of wisdom and compassion in the USA in the lead-up to the national elections. The intention of both programs was expressed in the following prayer:

We, the people,
The ancestors of our great, great grandchildren
Call forth the deepest wisdom
And the highest compassion
From the heart and soul of America
For the benefit of the entire Earth community
And the next seven generations
May Wisdom Prevail in the USA
May Peace Prevail on Earth.

In 2008, we interviewed a number of leading socially-engaged spiritual teachers and invited them to guide meditations in support of our intention. Below are links to the recordings of those meditations:

lynnetwistLynne Twist:

sharonmcerlaneSharon McErlane:

marianne100Marianne Williamson:

corinneCorinne Mc Laughlin:

alfredosfeir-younisAlfredo Sfeir-Younis:

twymanJames Twyman:

maxsimonMax Simon:

jamesodeaJames O’Dea:

josephgioveJoseph Giove:


In 2012 we convened a special WiseUSA call on Monday November 5, the eve of the election. We were joined by an esteemed Wisdom Council who contributed their blessings and insights into the field. Council members included:

Click Here for the call recording:

  • Avon Mattison (Pathways to Peace)Webcast_icon
  • Stephen Dinan (Shift Network)
  • James O’Dea
  • Sister Jenna (Brahma Kumaris)
  • Patrick Kronfli (MedMob)
  • Dr. Franca Baroni (Heart Governance)
  • Debbie Rozman (HeartMath)
  • Stacey Lawson
  • Patricia Ellsberg
  • Philip Hellmich and
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard (Birth2012).