Who are Subtle Activists?

Subtle activists are people from any faith, spiritual or consciousness tradition who apply their practice for the benefit of the collective public realm.

A subtle activism practice influences social change through the inner or subtle planes, rather than through conventional exterior means. We seek to support change through our focused collective intention and the depth and quality of our being, rather than our outer actions. However we do not believe that subtle activism, on its own, can solve all the world’s problems, any more than a meditation practice, on its own, is sufficient to solve all our personal problems. Action in the world is of course also necessary. Subtle activism simply expands the range of options open to an awakened activist.

Subtle activism practices can be:

  • religious or spiritual – e.g., meditation, prayer, chanting, and so on;
  •  indigenous ceremonies and ritual;
  •  science-based consciousness programs – e.g., Heartmath’s heart appreciation exercises;
  • expressive arts – e.g., conscious media, ecstatic dance (like Earthdance), contemplative music, etc; and
  • relational/process-oriented – e.g., healing aspects of our collective shadow, such as gender or racial reconciliation workshops.

Subtle activists focus on collective healing, which includes and transcends personal healing. Collective focuses could be:

  • peace on Earth;
  • support for communities struck by natural disasters, such as the Myanmar cyclone, the Chinese earthquake, etc;
  • protection for all those in potential harm’s way, such as public figures, emergency workers, etc; and
  • the highest and best outcome for all during an important public event, such as a national election.

We honor subtle activists everywhere, the secret agents of compassion. Blessings!