Subtle Activism and Sacred Sites

Gaiafield Council’s Sacred Site Circle

For a decade or more, as “subtle realm work” and “subtle activism” have gained a more universal familiarity and recognition across our world’s spiritual traditions, so has the understanding of “sacred sites”.

For millennia, “Shamanic” roots have been well known across most of our world’s spiritual traditions.  As Br. Wayne Teasdale, an architect of modern “interspiritual” views of the world religions said in his now classic book The Mystic Heart: Discovering a Universal Spirituality of the World Religions, nearly all of the world religions began as nature religions and as the practice of some indigenous people in some place, at some time.

A central part of these wisdom traditions has been the phenomenon of “sacred sites”—be they purely nature-made, or cultural.  Further, the emerging understanding of our planet as a holistic organism (“Gaia”)—a phenomenon studied now even in our most robust scientific contexts­— has only further heightened the interest in such universal phenomena.

The Gaiafield Wisdom Council has always involved leaders interested in both modern and ancient understandings of the subtle realms and subtle realm work.  Dr. David Nicol’s pioneer book Subtle Activism elaborated the landscapes of both as well.  In addition, the wider network of Gaiafield Allies has provided a rich context for our involvement with shamanic work, and with it, sacred sites.

Sacred Sites

The significance of sacred sites, and sacred site work, is rich and varied. Energetic-based understandings of human individuals, humanity as a collective, our environment as Gaia, and a likely holographic universe in general suggest the profound reality of subtle energy and subtle realm work at all these levels.  In relation to this work, there are a host of long-revered locations around our world where such activity is regarded not only important in general (whether to “heal past wounds” or prepare energetics for the future) but perhaps of special significance—historically, culturally and energetically.


Gaiafield Council’s New Committee

The Gaiafield Council has been interacting with many individuals and organizations worldwide who are also engaging in the connecting of subtle realm work, subtle activism, and sacred sites.

In order to announce and formalize many of these interconnections and relationships, the Gaiafield Council has established “The Sacred Site” Circle, a committee of the Gaiafield Council, involving, at this time, Gaiafield Council members David Nicol, Kurt Johnson, Avon Mattison, Myra Jackson, and Claudia Welss.




Our Colleagues in Sacred Site Work

The Sacred Site work of The Center for Earth Ethics and Forum 21 Institute:
The work of Forum 21 Institute (a forum for United Nations NGO’s) (Gaiafield Council member Dr. Kurt Johnson is a co-founder of Forum 21) and The Center for Earth Ethics founded by Karenna Gore (located at Union Theological Seminary in New York City and creators of “The Original Caretakers” Initiative ( will, as of 2017 begin a number of worldwide Sacred Site activities, with appropriate shamanic ceremony, at numerous locations around the globe.  A number of Forum 21 officials are also associated as leaders of The Center for Earth Ethics.

Mindahi Bastida Muñoz  is the key indigenous leader in these activities and a frequent participant in Gaiafield Council’s network of “allies”.  Mindahi was also responsible for choreographing much of the indigenous ceremony at the 2014 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City. Mindahi, along with his wife, Geraldine Patrick Encina, works often in association with the UNESCO World Heritage Sites programs.  Geraldine is in charge of delivering the original ritual calendar to Mayan communities across Guatemala, Southern Mexico and Belice, a mission that will enable Mayan priests to heal sites like never before in the past 520 years (because the calendar is now realigned). She has just recently been invited by Laurence de Bure to form part of the newborn Land Healers Foundation. Kurt Johnson of the Gaiafield Council serves on the Executive Committee of the NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns at the United Nations (NY).


The Crestone Convergence event:
A 2017 meeting of many of these individuals and organizations: At The Crestone Convergence in July 2017 will see nearly all of the leaders of these associations come together for sharing, retreat, and synergizing.  “The Convergence” moniker is from The Convergence radio series on VoiceAmerica which was hosted by Gaiafield Council’s Dr. Kurt Johnson with episodes co-hosted by Gaiafield’s David Nicol, Myra Jackson, Claudia Welss, and Philip Hellmich.   The Crestone Convergence’s planning team has included Gaiafield Councils members or emerita, Kurt Johnson, Myra Jackson, Jeff Vander Clute and Philip Hellmich.  Gaiafield will be a major contributor to this discussion of Sacred Site work.


Sacred Site Work in Australia:
Partnering sponsors of The Convergence radio series were members of (including with host introductions given by Ben Bowler of that unity coalition for the episodes co-hosted by Gaiafield Council members David Nicol, Myra Jackson, Claudia Welss and Kurt Johnson.

Central to’s  work in Australia is the founding of Sacred Australia and its work for “The Return Mungo Man” (returning the remains of indigenous peoples which have been housed in museums or scientific institutions or museum) with a Festival to be held in November, 2017. Videos and further explanations are found at and this eloquent summary of their work on Sacred Sites:

“In light of the historic occasion of the repatriation of Mungo Man, a group of NGOs, academics, artists and social organizations have come together to explore the idea of what might be done at a national level to celebrate this powerful moment. Under the banner Sacred Australia, our group is interested in what might be done in the broader cross-cultural spheres both nationally and internationally to mark this pending occasion. We have great appreciation of the work being done by the Willandra Repatriation Traditional Owners Committee (WRTC) as regards all of the ceremonial and logistical aspects of the return of Mungo Man. Our aim is to support the work of the Repatriation Committee by ensuring that the return of Mungo Man and the other human remains attracts both the national and international attention that it so richly deserves”.

Contacting Gaiafield about Sacred Site Work:

If you want to be in touch with Gaiafield about Sacred Site work, contact Dr. Kurt Johnson.