Spirituality & Peace Series

Since 2012, the Gaiafield Project has partnered with the Shift Network to offer the annual Spirituality and Peace series as part of the Shift Network’s Summer of Peace program. This is a weekly tele-series featuring mystics from the world’s wisdom traditions guiding practices for personal and collective peace. Below are the recordings of these wonderful sessions.

Spirituality and Peace 2012

Gaiafield Project Global Attunement for Peace, June 22, 2012:

Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne:

Sister Jenna – America, Let’s Pause for Peace USA:

David Nicol and Leslie Meehan – Global Attunement for Peace:

Anette Carlstrom – Oneness Blessing:

Cynthia Bourgeault – Centering Prayer and Unitive Awakening:

David Sun Todd:

Fumi Stewart – World Peace Prayer Society:

Thomas Huebl: Healing for Germany:

Grandmother Flordemayo – 13 Grandmothers:

Mark Naseck, with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe – Sufi mystic, USA – and Rabbi Yoal Glick, Israel”:

Deborah Rozman – Institute of HeartMath:

BeThePeace Global Attunement session 1:

BeThePeace Global Attunement session 2:

BeThePeace Global Attunement session 3:

Spirituality and Peace 2013:

Mingtong Gu: “Peace through Empowered Healing”:

David Sun Todd: “Building a Field of Peace: Empowering Inner Peace and Collective Blessing”:

Deva Premal and Miten: “World Peace – One Mantra at a Time”:

Aliza Hava with Ilana Meallem: “Spiritual Approaches to Creating Peace in the Middle East”:

David Spangler: “From Subtle Activism to Subtle Neighborliness”:

Ashera Hart: “Earthdance Global Festival for Peace and the Power of Synchronized Prayer and Meditation”:

Janardhan Chodogam, “Peace in the Park”:

Diane Longboat, “The Great Law of Peace: Spirituality is the highest form of political consciousness”:

Patrick Kronfli and MedMob, “How Global Synchronized Events impact us as individuals and as a society”:

Tijn Touber, “Cities of Light”:

Sister Usha, Self-Realization Fellowship, “Discovering Peace Within”:

BeThePeace Global Attunement September 21 session 1:

BeThePeace Global Attunement September 21 session 3:

Spirituality and Peace 2014

World Peace Prayer – Igniting the Season of Prayer and Meditation – with Stephen Dinan, Fumi Johns Stewart, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Avon Mattison, and Ocean Robbins:

Chief Arvol Looking Horse: World Peace and Prayer Day:

Rabbi Pam Frydman: Changing the World One Cause at a Time:

Brad Laughlin and Leslie Temple-Thurston: Disarming Violence through Love:

Sister Jenna: Connecting with the Divine:

Mirabai Starr: Awakening the Divine Feminine

Acharya Mangalananda: Invoking the Divine Mother to Radiate Peace to the World:

Tiara Kumara: Equanimity is the Peace Manifesting Power

Alakananda Ma and Sadanandaji: Chants for World Peace:

Kabir Helminski: Embodying Grace:

John Dear: Living a Nonviolent Life:

Patricia Anne Davis: The Blessing Way is Living the Loving Way:

Sister Draupadi: Cultivating Inner Peace and the World-Wide Prayer Circle

Rev. Patrick McCollum: Changing the Narrative, Creating a New Story for a Peaceful and Sustainable World:

Scientist panel on Subtle Activism: David Orme-Johnson (TM), Deborah Rozman (HeartMath), Jonni Pollard (1GiantMind):

BeThePeace Global Attunement, September 21: