Spirituality and Peace Series

Spirituality and Peace:

Harnessing the power of collective meditation and prayer for peace

Weekly global virtual events from July 1 – September 15, 2012 that featured spiritual leaders from around the world.



The Gaiafield Project, in partnership with the Summer of Peace 2012 initiative, was delighted to organize Spirituality and Peace, a weekly tele-series that featured teachers and mystics from every major spiritual tradition leading practices to support the healing and transformation of our world. Each Sunday throughout the Summer of Peace 2012 a spiritual leader guided us in a practice from his or her tradition designed to support healing in a particular part of the world or in relation to an historical collective wound. The series culminated in BeThePeace on September 21, 2012 that linked over 240 gatherings in 56 countries worldwide in a profound expression of planetary spirituality and global subtle activism.

Call recordings

Here are the full mp3 recordings of the series, freely available.

Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne – Sarvodaya, Sri Lanka


Sister Jenna – Brahma Kumaris, USA


David Nicol and Leslie Meehan – Gaiafield Council, USA


Anette Carlstrom – Oneness Blessing, Sweden


Cynthia Bourgeault – Christian mystic, USA


David Todd – Co-Creator’s Institute, USA


Fumi Stewart – World Peace Prayer Society, Japan


Grandmother Flordemayo – 13 Grandmothers, Mayan Elder


Mark Naseck, with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe – Sufi mystic, USA – and Rabbi Yoal Glick, Israel


Deborah Rozman – Institute of HeartMath, USA