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Subtle Activism: The Inner Dimension of Social and Planetary Transformation


David Nicol’s book on Subtle Activism (SUNY Press) represents the first comprehensive academic treatment of the topic. David introduces and defines the concept of subtle activism as a potentially crucial component of a more integrated approach to social change. He grounds his proposal in the available scientific research and in dialogue with a broad range of thinkers in the fields of consciousness studies, transpersonal theory, and new paradigm thought.

Articles on Subtle Activism

Kelly, S. The Hidden Face of Wisdom: Toward an Awakened Activism 

Nicol, D. Subtle Activism: Applying Spiritual Power for Social Change
This article was originally published in the Tikkun online magazine

Nicol, D. Occupy Gaia in 2012: Subtle Activism meets Street Activism
This article was originally published by Reality Sandwich

Terry, L. Serving Through Stillness and Presence: Holding Space as Subtle Activism

Talks on Subtle Activism

David Nicol in dialogue with Patricia Albere of Evolutionary Collective Conversations: 

David Nicol on subtle activism on “OBO Radio: Heart of it All” with Sheri Herndon:


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