Latest Research Resources

Center for Subtle Activism

For two excellent introductory articles about subtle activism, see David Nicol’s Subtle Activism: Applying Spiritual Power for Social Change and Sean Kelly’s The Hidden Face of Wisdom: Towards an Awakened Activism. To learn more about the Center for Subtle Activism, click HERE.

Common Passion

Common Passion presents a very good summary of the emerging evidence from three converging areas of research:

  • mind-matter interactions,
  • peace-creating field effects of human group coherence and
  • global collaboration and social networking technologies

Global Consciousness Project

The Global Consciousness Project is a global network of continuously running Random Event Generators that test whether world-wide coherence is generated during events that capture the attention of a large proportion of the world’s population. The research supports the hypothesis that a global non-local field of consciousness might exist in nascent form, whose presence can be faintly detected at key moments of widespread global attention.

Parapsychology research

  • The Conscious Universe, Dean Radin
  • Entangled Minds, Dean Radin
  • The Field, Lynne McTaggert
  • The Intention Experiment, Lynne McTaggert
  • Rupert Sheldrake’s website – Contains summaries of Sheldrake’s innovative telepathy research

Distant healing research

  • Healing Words, Larry Dossey
  • Reinventing Medicine, Larry Dossey
  • Spiritual Healing, Daniel Benor
  • Healing Intention and Energy Medicine, Jonas and Crawford
  • IONS Distant Healing Project

Maharishi Effect

* Permanent Peace – summarizes TM research into effect of large group meditations on social indicators of harmony.