Gaiafield Community

The Gaiafield Community is a growing global online community of subtle activists who come together regularly to harness the power of consciousness for profound personal support and collective transformation. It is a magical playground where we are co-creating a subtle ecosystem deeply nurturing to all life.

Membership of the Gaiafield Community includes:

  • daily resonance practice
  • weekly live calls for personal support and collective healing
  • access to individual Gaian Guidance sessions with David T. Nicol
  • eligibility to attend highly transformative in-person retreats with David and Kate Nicol

To become eligible for membership of the Gaiafield Community, you must have completed a live online training with David Nicol.

The suggested donation for membership of the Gaiafield Community is $22/month or $222/year.

If you have completed a live training with David Nicol and would like to apply for membership of the GC, please click here.

Please note: Payments for the Gaiafield Community are currently being processed by One Becoming One.