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The Gaiafield Project

The Gaiafield Project

The Gaiafield Project promotes the study and practice of subtle activism, which affirms the power of consciousness-based approaches like global meditation and prayer events to support social and planetary transformation. The Gaiafield Project develops subtle activism principles, theories, practices, and programs, and aims to co-create a global network of subtle activists to support a shift to a global culture of peace.

We are grateful to New Stories for serving as the fiscal sponsor of the Gaiafield Project.

The Gaiafield Project is governed by the Gaiafield Council, the current members of which are listed below.

Gaiafield Council members

The Gaiafield Council is currently comprised of the following individuals.

David Nicol (Center for Subtle Activism at California Institute of Integral Studies)

Leslie Meehan (Center for Subtle Activism at CIIS)

Sean Kelly (Center for Subtle Activism at CIIS)

Myra Jackson (Zambuling Institute for Human Transformation)

Avon Mattison (Pathways to Peace)

Claudia Welss (Institute of HeartMath’s Global Coherence Initiative)

Cynthia Jurs (Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Project)

Jeff VanderClute (Sourcing the Way)

Philip Hellmich (Summer of Peace)

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